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An advanced Cuff-Link vascular system with remote control and automated cuff selection. The 600 series Mutli-Level Cuff-link system performs lower extremity physiologic arterial exams including: (i) Single level protocols (ii) Multi-level protocols. The ABI-600 comes with simpleABI Software, 8 port Cuff-Link™ with remote, D8 Doppler probe, DPPG probe, 2x10cm cuffs, 4x12cm cuffs, 2x12cm long cuffs, 2x2.5cm disposable digit cuffs, roll stand, user manual, quick reference guides. 

SimpleABI systems lead you through the exam by observing the report coming together on the large computer screen – no need to memorize complex menus or protocols. Since the report is created on the computer, no secondary downloading steps are necessary for storing, printing, or sharing the results.



Diagnosis is made using the gold standard Doppler ABI and simple pulse volume recording (PVR) waveforms.


Fill the report in as it appears on the screen – no cutting and pasting strip chart paper – no secondary transferring of data files.

Working directly on the computer is simple, intuitive, effective, and reduces the time needed to get to the final report necessary for reimbursement purposes.

Meets the new requirements for CPT code 93922 (Non-invasive physiologic studies of the upper or lower extremity arteries, single level, bilateral)

  • Attach multiple formats directly to EMR records

  • Cufflink Automation

  • Automatic inflation/deflation

  • Automatic cuff selection

  • Automatic calculation

  • Simple push button remote


Included 8 MHz probe are especially sensitive for vessels near the surface like the radial, posterior tibial, and dorsalis pedis arteries. The 8 MHz probe can connect into the Cuff-Link System

  • The simple ABI 600CL comes with 8 MHz and PPG probes; the 5 MHz is optional.


The Cuff-Link main control unit is, quite simply, an integrated speed machine. The simpleABI 500 integrates:

  • An 8-port cuff selector

  • Interchangeable Doppler probes

  • Pressure sensors

  • A pump

  • Control software


All of that integration makes exams easier and faster to perform while also reducing costly errors.

2-Year Manufacturer Warranty includes both parts and labor, and covers all hardware.

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