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About Us

The team at Morningside Medical Equipment has over a decade of experience providing physicians with diagnostic solutions that empower them clinically and financially. 


We establish a holistic view of your patient base, practice specialty areas, financial concerns, and business imperatives. Then, recommend tailored solutions that provide you with an undeniable clinical advantage, as well as a significant financial impact on your practice. These non-invasive testing solutions help any provider in any specialty to accelerate clinical care, while accessing  mid-level diagnostic testing often overlooked and referred out unnecessarily.

An enormous amount of time and effort has been spent to evaluate and vet the most cutting-edge diagnostic tools that exist, which significantly impact clinical care in practices nationwide. In an effort to alleviate the operational bottlenecks associated with conventional methods, our unwavering commitment to outstanding training, education, and support streamline the implementation process, as well as the impact on staff workflow. 

The team at Morningside Medical Equipment has extensive industry experience and in-depth technical expertise. When combined with the highest level of customer service, we offer comprehensive solutions to help providers stay relevant and independent.

Management Team

Matt Berens
Vice President of Sales
Chloe Virden
Senior Sales Associate
Hannah Leidig
Sales Associate
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