Remote Patient Monitoring


Allowing patients to monitor their own key vital signs from home not only gives them freedom and safety, but also an active involvement in their plan of care. Remote Patient Monitoring adds a level of accessibility for physicians who are treating patients with chronic illnesses or comorbidities.  The key to a successful program is the support from an experienced partner.  For physicians, that means hardware and software technology that streamlines the entire process from device setup to data uploading.  For patients, it means feeling comfortable and secure with their devices so they can use them consistently with ease.

     WHAT IS IT?

  • Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a subset of telehealth that uses mobile medical devices and technology to collect medical and other forms of health data (patient-generated health data [PGHD]). This data is digitally transmitted from patients in one location, quickly and securely to health care providers in a different location for assessment and recommendations.

  • Device Solutions are Bluetooth or Cellular and prescribed for a patient’s individual diagnosis or medical state. The patient spends a few minutes each day taking their own readings on each device from the comfort of their own home. The data transmits automatically to a secure cloud where each patient’s data is stored, and medical oversight determines need for action or continued surveillance.


  • Software employs different algorithms which prioritize abnormal measurements, allowing more efficient use of current staff.

  • For at-risk patients, continuous rather than episodic monitoring can pinpoint when intervention by a healthcare professional is most necessary. This simple change can mitigate the need for emergency care and dramatically improve patient outcomes.


  • Most Insurances cover Remote Patient Monitoring using a few different, applicable CPT codes.  

 (Always check with a billing professional for the most current billing and reimbursement information and guidelines.)