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Morningside Medical Equipment: Driving Innovation Excellence in the Neurology Space

Morningside Medical Equipment is well-positioned to deliver novel technologies and solutions to the clinical diagnostic space as a leading medical equipment distributor for healthcare professionals. The company provides physicians with state-of-the-art equipment and services, helping maximize their inoffice diagnostic capabilities and generate financial value.

“Our goal as a business is to help primarily independently-owned physician offices utilize the best diagnostic solutions, empowering them clinically and financially to stay relevant and competitive,” says Matt Berens, Vice President of Sales at Morningside Medical Equipment. He adds, “We also work with diagnostic facilities, large institutions, hospitals, and universities since we are a knowledgeable source for advanced diagnostic technologies.”

As their primary focus, Morningside delivers both cutting-edge neurocognitive and autonomic function equipment, which has significantly impacted clinical care in practices nationwide. Designed to alleviate the operational bottlenecks associated with conventional methods, the company’s unwavering commitment to outstanding training, education and support streamline the implementation process, as well as the impact on staff workflow. These non-invasive testing solutions help neurologists accelerate clinical care, while at the same time, give primary care and internal medicine physicians access to mid-level diagnostic testing they often don’t think to incorporate themselves.

With autonomic function testing, physicians can quickly identify serious hidden risks like vascular disorders and autonomic neuropathy. This clinical assessment offers a highly reimbursable, comprehensive, and fully-supported autonomic function test that helps gauge patients’ health and uncover hidden diseases by leveraging its cutting-edge software.

Neurocognitive testing allows physicians to truly assess patients brain function and performance more objectively. By encompassing cutting-edge hardware and sophisticated software, a physician can provide a virtual ‘lab test’ for their patients’ brain. The system utilizes a 21-channel EEG—far beyond the scope of an ordinary EEG—and quickly evaluates potential cognitive disorders through a preset software protocol.

In just over 20 minutes, the physician will have a comprehensive, but easily understandable report that includes significant brain biomarkers.

Morningside’s NeuroCognitive Equipment has proven to be a game-changer for neurology offices that were limited by conventional EEG collection and software or other more basic forms of cognitive assessments. It now provides them with exceptional diagnostic capabilities, allowing physicians to gain the clinical information needed to diagnose specific mental illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s—which were never the primary focus of standard EEG.

As a leader in the field for relevant diagnostic devices, and a consultant in the Neurology space, Morningside brings a unique client onboarding approach. Instead of the typical quick delivery, overview and 800-number for support, the company follows a comprehensive process, primarily based around educating and supporting their clients. Here, Matt Berens and his team at Morningside, gain a holistic view of their physicians’ patient base, practice and specialty areas, financial concerns, and business imperatives. Based on this information, the company suggests tailored solutions that provide them with an undeniable clinical advantage, as well as a significant financial impact to the practice.

Our ethos is to provide independently-owned physicians with diagnostic solutions that empower them clinically and financially to stay relevant and competitive

Morningside Medical Equipment has recently collaborated with leaders in the field of autonomic function testing who have spent years investigating strategies and equipment to streamline their older diagnostic methods into newer, quicker and more staff-friendly technology. Up until now, these specialists manually performed a series of diagnostic tests, recording compilations of data, inevitably crippling any operational efficiency and at the expense of the overall patient experience. Once the team at Morningside upgraded the equipment in the first 6 locations, testing time was reduced from over an hour, to less than 20 minutes.

Matt Berens and his team at Morningside Medical Equipment have been in the diagnostic equipment space for over a decade. With extensive industry experience and in-depth technical expertise, they provide cutting-edge equipment and testing that meets physicians specific needs and challenges. When combined with a level of customer service offices should always receive, Morningside takes ownership of the solutions they offer by providing direct perpetual support.

Morningside Medical Equipment always prioritizes the customers needs before, during and after acquiring diagnostic equipment, all in an effort to maximize the clinical solution and the financial return.

Here's a link to the article in MedTech Outlook's digital magazine: CLICK HERE

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