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Features and Benefits

  • Meets newest FAA standards for EKG report submission! (FAA Class I Physicals)
  • Power and flexibility of a PC in a portable ECG
  • Bidirectional communication allows for easy data access, while WiFi as a standard feature enables the direct and fast transmission of ECG reports to an EMR system.
  • Schiller Link Software is an easy-to-use software to import patient data from the EMR system and export customized PDF reports directly on the PC.
  • Easy Wi-Fi connectivity, combined with ECG preview on a large display, supports paperless workflow and cost saving.
  • Schiller's most advanced algorithms are implemented in the CARDIOVIT FT-1.
  • ETM: Simultaneous 12-lead ECG interpretation programs for uncompromising quality and reliability.
  • Pediatric ECG: The CARDIOVIT FT-1 offers optimal signal quality which makes it the ideal tool for paediatric ECGs.
  • Resting Rhythm: Records all 12 channels up to 4 minutes. Reduces the risk that important rhythm data might be overlooked. The recordings can be printed, stored, reviewed and transmitted.
  • Cuplprit Coronary Artery Algorithm: Detection of the location of the coronary obstruction in the patient with acute chest pain and thereby the size of the cardiac area at risk.

Schiller Cardiovit FT-1 EKG System

    • FT-1 ECG Machine
    • (1) 10-Lead Patient Cable
    • (1) Power Cord
    • (10) Alligator Clips
    • (100) Electrodes
    • (1) Pack of Paper
    • (1) Mobile Cart
    • (1) User Manual



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