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Transcranial Doppler


Dolphin/MAX is the Ultimate All-in-One TCD Machine

Transcranial Doppler machine with an integrated rechargeable battery. The Dolphin/MAX is the ideal portable TCD system for measurements of cerebral blood flow in Neurology, ICU, and Neurosurgery settings

Best Quality Doppler Fully digital Doppler technology with the amazing Dolphin TCD post-processing capabilities.

Review and replay the blood flow waveforms with audio at ANY depth.Discover unmatched clinical diagnosis capabilities.







The unique Dolphin/XF robotic probe changes the Transcranial Doppler monitoring market as is known to date.

Fast and simple scanning is achieved thanks to special algorithms and processes for blood flow detection.

The Dolphin/XF robot is comfortable and stable, simplifying probe fixation and saving time.

The Dolphin TCD Products are designed to assist in performing short or long-term patient monitoring.

The famous Dolphin Quick-Lock provides the best locking solution. The TCD software is rich with quality features for optimal patient diagnosis.







The Dolphin is considered by many as the most reliable Transcranial Doppler machine in the market.

Robust TCD equipment and high-quality Doppler probes are designed for all TCD clinical applications.

The slim and lightweight design of the Dolphin TCD machines allows ideal and comfortable portability.

The large touch screen can easily be seen from a distance. Mounting the TCD on a trolley is simple and easy. The Dolphin/MAX has a built-in integrated battery that lasts for hours.

The unmatched Dolphin connectivity capabilities are ideal for hospital IT personnel and EMR / PACS administrators. Simple plug-and-play operation allows connectivity configuration with automated DICOM Worklist & Storage, Structured Report, and HL7. Unlimited Review Stations for interpretation and reporting in the comfort of your office.

Simultaneous counts of suspected embolic events in all depth gates using a high-resolution proprietary algorithm. Includes numerous advanced emboli analysis options with the proprietary super high-resolution power M Mode display during HITS detection.

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