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The Schiller Cardiovit AT-102 G2 ECG

  • Is a new generation ECG monitoring device for hospitals and clinics. It combines fast, bi-directional wifi communication with HIS/EMR plus advanced algorithms to meet the demands of daily clinical routine.


Easy To Use

  • Its simple, intuitive design features a sealed alphanumeric keyboard and a high resolution, 8-inch color display with touch function keys. This device has a battery capacity of more than 8 hours for ECG recording and a resting rhythm of up to 10 minutes. It also features a hook-up adviser with color-coded waveforms and anatomical mode plus lead reversal detection.

Schiller Cardiovit AT-102 G2 ECG

  • High performance.

    • The Cardiovit AT-102 G2 ECG boasts of a very high sampling frequency with a bandwidth of up to 250 Hz, which provides the best signal quality for neonates and pediatric ECG. Its simultaneous 12-lead ECG interpretation program provides accurate, reliable EKG interpretation for both children and adults. It Includes 6- or 12- channel online rhythm printouts in Manual Mode. Additionally includes Posterior Leads (V7-V9), Right Precordial Leads (V3r-V6r), and Standing Leads (V4r).


    Multiple connectivities.

    • The AT-102 G2 allows easy mastery of the device, which can be connected to the Schiller Information System SEMA or the HIS for quick access to patient recordings in the workplace. It effectively supports paperless workflows with its standard wifi and LAN connectivity. Bidirectional communication allows for easy data access and fast, automatic transmission of ECG reports. Using just one navigation key, easily obtain, save, and transmit data in as fast as 20 seconds. Customizable printout is also available as necessary, with its internal high-resolution A4 thermal printer.



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